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About Company

Shree Infracon Private Limited has executed various Buildings, Road, Excavation, water management systems, R. O. Plant related works. Shree Infracon Private Limited completely emerged as an Infrastructure Development projects company. They have executed and completed from minor projects to the construction of Industrial Plants and Buildings, Hostels, Colleges, RCC roads, etc. to involvement in infrastructure works like buildings related to post offices, police quarters, universities etc. and completed mega projects of national importance.

They are a "AA' Class approved Contractor with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and “AA” Class & Sp. Cat – I Bldg with Govt. of Gujarat. They cater to segments like Physical Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure, Environmental Infrastructure and & Services. The projects that they have completed are mainly comprises following nature of activities.

      •     Earthwork for Development in Lakes owned by various municipalities etc.
      •     Construction of New RCC Road, RCC U/G Water tank,
      •     Civil work of under ground water tank & P.H. & Allied pipeline
      •     Civil Work For R.O Plants for factories with Entry/ Exit & Interior for Store
      •     Construction of infrastructure buildings like Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities,
            Government Quarters, Museum & Library, Police Stations, Police Staff Quarters,
      •     Construction of office building for Bank, Post office, CISF etc.
      •     Construction of C.R. building foundation, Compound Wall, WBM road, water supply, drainage sys.
      •     Providing water connection to each plot holder & carrying out O & M of water Distribution Network system
      •     Improvement and Strengthening to Residential Quarters

Future Plan & Ongoing Project

The company has dying endeavor to become the number one company in its line of activities. Hence, the company has planning to be in the same line of activities. There is no planning for any diversified activities as there is enough scope to grow in the same line of activities by taking more work orders.

  • Opportunities:

  •           The company has capacity to work in all the three types of contract systems such as

  • Director

        <     Independent Bidding
        <     Joint Venture Bidding
        <     Back to Back Contractors Bidding (Sub contractor Support Bidding)

  • India's economic growth has accelerated and is now averaging over 8 per cent per annum. In order to sustain this rate of economic growth, it is estimated that investment in infrastructure - defined broadly to include road, rail, air and water transport, electric power, telecommunications, water supply and irrigation and other infrastructure related works/buildings – would need to increase from 4.6 per cent of GDP to between 7-8 per cent during the Eleventh Plan period (2007-2012), which would entail an outlay of almost US$ 320 billion over the Plan period.

    Recognizing the need to improve infrastructure, the Government has announced commitments to build large infrastructure projects through significant public expenditure and with the help of private partners - including, for the first time, foreign investors.

    Shree Infracon Private Limited is very well versed with these opportunities and their directors are regular in having updates in the industry across the globe. This kind of touch with industry will make the company to grab the opportunities from industry.

  • Threat:

  •           Long period of contract execution may attract some penalty.

  • manager

    Long period of contract and piecemeal procurement of raw materials to be used for the execution of the contract at different prices of the raw material may affect the overall profitability of the contract if price escalat is not properly implemented.

  • Change of the view of Government, for the infrastructure development may affect the industry as a whole. This may affect the future of the companies as well.

    In coming new players, may take up a tender by quoting low prices and having Joint Venture with big names for eligibility criteria.

Key Achievement Highlights :

Making humble begging as an engineering and contractor in October, 2006, with all zeal, enthusiasm and honesty the company have come up to the present position and status with registration in highest category for tendering Govt. works of any amount as under:-

(a)  “AA” with Sp. Cat-I BLDG with Government of Gujarat.

(b)  “AA” Class with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

(c)  NBCC – Cat. C-1 (Building Work) upto 31.07.2012.

(d)  “AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company”

Wide Experience since more than a decade.

Out of projected Rs. 21.69 Crores turnover, already Rs. 9.22 Crores orders has been already achieved even in the slack monsoon and diwali season for the infrastructure industry. The company has total Rs. 30.47 Crores approximate amount’s work on hand and started the same for execution and has been completed before March, 2011; hence turnover will be much higher than the projected Rs. 21.69 Crores.