About Company
Shree Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

Earlier the Company carrying on the business as partnership concern under the name and style of SHREE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Activities to carry on business of builders, contactors, road work, dam work, dam gate work, all types of bridges, designers, architects, decorators, implementing and execute infrastructure, projects, excavation work of mining, earth work, constructor of all type of building and structures including houses, flats, apartment’s, offices, godowns, ware house, shops, factories, sheds, hospital, hotels, holiday resorts, shopping cum residential complex and to develop, erect, install, alter, improve, add, establish, renovate, reconditions, protect, participate, enlarge, repair, demolish, remove, replace, maintain, manage, buy, sell, lease, let on hire, handle and control, all such building, structures, plants, or land buildings and properties and to purchase, sell or deal in all types of immovable properties for development, investment or for resale and to carry on business

of and act as promoters organizers and developers of lands, estates, properties, housing schemes, township farms, farm houses and to deal with and improve such properties either as owner or as agents. At 304-B, Shapath – II, Opp. Rajpath Club, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad-54.

AND WHEREAS for the benefit of partnership firm and for the intention to convert it into the Joint Stock Company, parties of First Part and Second Part have agreed to admit Parties of Third Part to Parties of Eighth Part as partners to the Partnership Firm w.e.f. 1st January, 2006.

AND WHEREAS all parties mentioned hereinabove have unanimously decided to change the name of partnership firm from SHREE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY to SHREE INFRACON w.e.f. 01/01/2006

AND WHEREAS all the parties mentioned hereinabove, being the members of the said co-partnership business, for the sake of smooth working, better and effective management and for the purpose of furtherance and development of its business, have unanimously decided to form into an incorporated company limited by shares to be registered in accordance with the provisions of Part IX of the Companies Act, 1956 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘said Act’) and have agreed that all the members of the said co-partnership or joint stock company (meaning assigned to it as defined under sections 566 of the said act) will abide by and be subject to the declaration and regulations contained in this agreement.

Branch / Factory

Not Applicable as the company is engaged in Engineering, and Contracting business work sites depends up on different contracts.


Limited Joint Stock Company

Redg No.




Name of the Directors

1. Patel Jitendra Dhirubhai. ( B.E.civil)
2. Patel Gautambhai Dhirubhai. (B.S.C.)

  • Weakness:
  • So many products concentration may deteriorate the speed of execution. Being in the infrastructure industry the huge works are coming from public sector authorities/ government departments. Hence, the company may have risk of government preferences and policies for opening of the work.
  • Opportunities:
  • The company has capacity to work in all the three types of contract systems such as
    • Independent Bidding
    • Joint Venture Bidding
    • Back to Back Contractors Bidding (Sub contractor Support Bidding)
    Recognizing the need to improve infrastructure, the Government has announced commitments to build large infrastructure projects through significant public expenditure and with the help of private partners - including, for the first time, foreign investors. Shree Infracon Private Limited is very well versed with these opportunities and their directors are regular in having updates in the industry across the globe. This kind of touch with industry will make the company to grab the opportunities from industry.